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NASIA TECHNOLOGY has extensive experience across all industries. Our highly customized team provides a deep industry knowledge and expert approach to each customer to provide a professionally qualified and business centric solution in an impressive series of areas.
Our solutions are designed to fit your business and on the other hand – ultimately reducing cost and risk while keeping your data safe, compliant and accessible.

Financial Services Industry needs the assistance of an experienced call-center & IT partner more than any other industry, as they need to stay constantly in touch with their customers. At NASIA TECHNOLOGY, we have the experience and expertise to offer premium-quality business services outsourcing in Banking & Financial industry. We can deliver affordable and round the clock customer-service to your patrons satisfying a variety of requirements related to Financial Services or finance.
Companies from the banking and finance industry are under constant pressure to introduce new products and services in order to remain competitive, attract new customers and retain their existing customers. Companies also need to be able to adapt to the increasing regulatory and security requirements as well as find new methods to improve business process efficiency in a cost-effective manner, while preserving top-level service quality, in order to ensure business growth and maintain profitability.

Now a days, IT outsourcing generally is defined as contracting with outside vendors to do various IT functions such as data entry, data center operations, application maintenance and development, disaster recovery and network management and operations, infrastructure to software development, maintenance and support.
Information technology and telecommunications (IT&T) is an industry with huge potential for business process outsourcing, because BPO is the easiest way to achieve process improvements and cost reduction while retaining scalability, without having to worry about additional overhead costs related to managing in-house department expansion.
At NASIA TECHNOLOGY, we believe your cloud provider and managed IT services deserve nothing less than perfection. Our data centers are designed with that in mind, providing fully redundant infrastructure and total transparency into your hardware deployment. With colocation facilities located in key growth markets throughout the US and a robust selection of connectivity options, we can help you get closer to your customers and make it easier than ever for them to connect to your innovative services.

That’s why our national data center locations feature fully redundant infrastructure to meet the intensive data availability and compliance needs of today’s healthcare providers. Whether you’re storing healthcare data in the cloud or backing up key systems with colocated servers, our team of risk mitigation experts will make sure you have everything you need to keep your healthcare organization up and running.

The spread of social media platforms and applications is forcing telecom companies to develop new business models. Internet service providers are also playing important roles in game-changing events. Telecom services are constantly looking for customer experience to reduce the rate of bidding. NASIA TECHNOLOGY can help you to meet your demands with excellent Telecom BPO services. During our numerous operations of challenges our all-round business process management services can change your productivity.
We can help you implement flawless Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies.
NASIA TECHNOLOGY has the most trusted name as the BPO solutions provider for Telecom industry with years of experience and efficiency in delivering excellent customer service around the world. We can fulfill all your requirements through a multi-channel customer-care center and build a lasting relationship between you and your customers with our all-time assistance.

Today’s retailers rely on their IT infrastructure to gather and manage data from a wide range of sources.
From mobile applications and survey research to purchasing patterns and search history, consumer data in all its forms contains a treasure trove of actionable insights that can be used to identify trends and take advantage of new business opportunities.
Managing big data is no easy task. Retail companies need to have a reliable infrastructure in place to ensure data availability and protect the sensitive private information of their customers. Their networks must handle data from end to end of business operations, gathering it at the edge and moving it through various stages of storage, analysis, and execution to make the most of its potential.
Every retail and e-commerce transaction is a show of trust between you and the customer. Nowhere is this truer than with credit card information. Your customers entrust you to process their sensitive financial information in ways that are secure and protect them from the risk of identity theft. When a company experiences a data breach that compromises that trust, they not only harm their customers, but also suffer a blow to their brand reputation in which they might never recover from.
NASIA TECHNOLOGY provide unmatched risk mitigation services that allow you to maintain data availability and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. Every one of our provider facilities is rigorously audited to ensure compliance with the leading data security standards. And with connectivity options that provide a direct on-ramp to the cloud, you’ll have the flexibility to build a secure network capable of safely managing your big data assets.