Services Overview

NASIA TECHNOLOGY provides back office services for companies looking to improve the quality, efficiency and cost structure of their operations. We can effectively manage all your daily needs. We provide our clients with enhanced insights into their procedures and greater scalability at a lower cost, a point than can be achieved through traditional in-house operations. Our Services can be customized to a client’s needs.
When you choose NASIA TECHNOLOGY to manage your back office operations, you are choosing efficiency. We can manage your back-office workforce and optimize it so that you have the right amount of staff to complete the job you need on the shift when you need them. No more bottlenecks, no more idle lines. We uses practical tools and tactics to manage staff to demand.
We set up your operations to meet key performance metrics or service levels. Our Continuous Improvement Process shares the information with you. We work with you to prioritize and establish improvement objectives that are measured and reported to your team on a regular basis so you can see where performance is headed.
NASIA TECHNOLOGY wants to be a trusted partner. Once we have gained your trust, we encourage you to find other ways we can help.

Let us staff and manage your back office needs with the same dedication and focus we use in the call center. We are experienced in coordinating efforts and driving results.

  1. Data Entry Services
  2. Data Processing Services
  3. Data Conversion Services
  4. Data Mining Services
  5. Data extraction Services